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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a series of textual characters that identifies a specific IP address, uniquely identifies a website on the Internet. Domain names locate businesses, organizations, or other entities on the Internet. Domain names are easy to remember, easy to type alternatives to obscure URL's that you receive with free website hosting services. Using a domain name allows you to receive more visitors, less bounced emails, and the chance to make a lasting impression on the Web.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

There are many types of domain names, the cost will depend on the type of domain name you want to register with www.kenyait.com. Each domain name is also subject to an annual fee which also varies depending on the domain you choose.

What do I get with my domain name registration?

Once Kenya IT has successfully registered your domain name, we will then act as technical contact for your domain name as well as providing the two (2) required DNS servers on which to set up and store your domain name. With your domain registration, you will receive free email forwarding and free URL forwarding. Email forwarding is an email address @ your domain name (e.g. peter@microsft.com) that automatically forwards to your existing email account. URL forwarding allows you to forward your new domain name to your existing website.

Do I need a domain name to have a website?

While a domain name is not necessary to have a website, it is recommended. Whether you are creating a family website or a business website, having a domain name allows your site to be more easily found and remembered.

What types of domain names can i register at Kenya IT?

You can currently register .com .info .net .org .biz and .us domain names.</p> <p>You can currently register .com .info .net .org .biz and .us domain names.</p><div class='mailmunch-forms-in-post-middle' style='display: none !important;'></div> <p>

How can I find out if the domain name I want is available?

Kenya IT provides a domain name search engine that can instantly tell you whether or not the name is available. If a domain name is available, you’ll be given the option to register it.

I don't have a website yet, why should I register a domain name now?

Hundreds of domain names are purchased weekly, registering your perfect domain name ensures your ownership of the domain name that may otherwise not be available when you want it. Once registered, that domain name is yours (provided that the registration and renewal fees are paid each year).

How long will it take to register my domain name?

Your domain name is registered in a matter of minutes, provided the registration form is filled out appropriately.